Recruitment Message

Thank you for your interest in Apocalypse.

Who are we: A top G3 siege guild looking for members that will contribute to our mission of staying competitive in the top 10 rankings while maintaining the friendly, fun-loving, and positive guild-culture that we are known for. All our members are committed to improving their account and their gameplay, and we have worked hard to foster an environment where we can help each other grow.

Application Process: (One or all of the following must be done for consideration)
- Upload your json through this application so that your rune depth and monster box can be compared to our average.
- Contact Air-Rock11 on Line (this is our primary mode of communication)
- Contact Air-Rock on Reddit
- Contact Air-Rock #9023 on Discord
Note that if you are not comfortable uploading your json you will still be considered, it will just be a more time-consuming process for both us and you.

Acceptance Process: Upon review of your account (either through your json upload, or meeting in-game and looking through your runes and units manually) our leadership chat with you either through Line or in-game to get to know you and make sure you will be a good fit. If we accept your application you will begin a brief trial/probationary period where we will work closely with you to ensure you are building appropriate defenses, maintaining a good winrate, and fitting in well with the group. If there are no gameplay or character concerns during this time then you will be initiated as a full member.

Please reach out to Air-Rock if you have any questions or concerns
Recruitment Application

Required fields are marked with a *.
Fields are marked with a * required only one to be completed.

Special note, you will need to enter at least one of the following: email address, discord ID, line chat ID or whatsapp.

So that guild leaders will know which guild you are applying for
To identify you to guild leaders.
To help guild leaders know where you are coming from.
A good place for guild leaders to reach you. It is recommended you do NOT use your HIVE account email address.
Discord ID:*
Your discord ID.
Line Chat ID:*
Your line chat ID.
WhatsApp ID:*
Your WhatsApp ID.
Used by guild leaders to understand if you will fit in with the guild's schedule.
Tell guild leaders why you are a good fit. Why should they choose you? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?
Guild leaders will compare your monsters, runes and artifacts vs the guild you are applying for.

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